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What a goal God has given us! We know God loves us but He takes it a step further and involves us deeply in His plan. Wow! Awesome!

God desires to empower Youth to bring Christ to their schools, to their homes and even their cities and countries? Imagine the Youth of this world standing up for what’s right not waiting for some other person to do it. It makes our heart break to see Youth missing the mark that God has set out for them. The question we can ask ourselves is... Can we? The answer is Yes! and it starts with You.

We desire to see Youth USED by God, for the purpose of Unity, Salvation, Evangelism & Discipleship.

This is why we see a need that we must meet for the Youth of this world. A need to teach and involve them in bringing this world and its communities together for the purposes of Christ’s Cross, a need to teach Youth about Salvation and what it means in the midst of all the hurt, confusion and day-to-day wanderings... The need to make their Faith public so they are known as Christians... There is a need, you know there is! And yes, you guessed it... You are the solution.

This ministry is devoted to Unity, Salvation, Evangelism and Discipleship, all in the Name of Jesus Christ for the Glory of the One and Only God, in our communities, for the Youth we know and love. Executive Leading Committee:

Bradley Brucks

Daniel Jefferson

Jesse Tarr

Ryan Friesen

Kailey Roney

Contact Information



Box 37263

Regina, SK  S4S 7K4


Bradley Brucks - Executive Director

(306) 351-3211

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