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Minor Breakout

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Cities Under Fire
Q&A With Cities Under Fire
In this session Cities Under Fire will share their stories about being a band and the impact of music.  If there are questions that you have for the band this is your opportunity to have them answered.  
Chester & Wendy Brucks
Mission Leaders
This Could Be You
This session will give you all of the information on what you need to get involved with a missions trip.  Come listen as Chester and Wendy Brucks share about their heart for missions and the difference you can make.  
Harris III

In this session you will have time to hear about why Harris does what he does, illusionist and fully devoted follower of Christ.  We all have things we're excited about, God wants you to be USED!

If there's a question you've been dying to ask Harris, this is your chance.  He will answer with honesty and transparency, and you will leave encouraged.

Diane Harrison
The Uniqueness of God's Voice
This session will assist you in hearing God's voice more clearly- both recognizing and applying the principles taught.  Come and learn how to communicate God's heart using word, pictures, scripture and props.
Kingdom School
Hearing God's Voice! 101
If God never changes and is ALWAYS the same yesterday, today and tomorrow, does he still speak to his people these days? And if so how does it sound? And can anyone hear his voice?

Major Breakout

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Street Invaders
All Who Are Lost Will Be Found

How to tell your family, friends and strangers about Jesus while waking in the gifts of the Spirit everyday.

Todays Jericho: Breaking Down The Walls

Throughout our lives we are constantly being faced with struggles, and at these times these struggles can seem to prevent us from getting where we feel God has called us to be. Things brings up the question, where is God? What am I supposed to do now? These moments can become crippling in that the resources we have don't seem sufficiently able to get over, through, or around these obstacles. While looking at "Today's Jericho's" we will take a brief snapshot of the story of Joshua and the Wall of Jericho. Unpacking the basics of our faith, Godly perseverance, and the true power of God, used through us.

The Worship Band
Attitude Attraction
Based on the passage from Philipians 2:1-18... having and living in the attitude of Christ.
Riders/Rod Donison
I Want To Be Like A Palm Tree.  How About You?
No matter who you are, life can include disappointments, losses, rejection, and hardships.  God has designed us to be able to withstand the storms of life and if we learn to respond correctly, we'll be able to stand tall in their midst.
Continual Surrender
Hip Hop Workshop
We are each created uniquely, yet called to a common purpose.  To love God and to love people everywhere we are.  Come hang out with Continual Surrender and hear a bit about their story, learn some hip hop choreography and grow in your understanding of what worship is and how it can be reflected in our lives.
Youth For Christ
The Few
There is a generation of young people who’s hearts break over the injustice, oppression and bondage of those in community around them. There is a longing to see change and a cry for more. This session will inspire and motivate those who have a passion for service and a heart for the broken. It will encourage them on the journey ahead to see freedom reign and the captives set free.

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